​​Top 3 Designer Brands for Women’s Leather Wallets

Women’s wallets, they are an enigma to anyone who doesn’t own them, but to us women, they are places of great chaos, even when organised. This is because we need our ID and credit cards, and the coffee spot’s membership card, just in case, and my other rewards cards, also just in case, and that business card from that place down the road, for no good reason. In short, ladies wallets matter. But how do you go about choosing the right one?

It’s obviously about durability and quality, so leather is a must have. But beyond that, your wallet has to be something that matches your personal style, and then again, if you want something truly unique and handmade, you can turn to luxury brands, but which brands rank highest? Which brand should you buy from? Which brand has the best leather type? Well, there’s actually no clear-cut answer to this, which is that the best will totally be up to you and what you want from a brand, but if you’re wanting to know what the top three are at the moment, this is the place to be. 

Consider These Brands for Ladies Wallets:

Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton’s wallets are essentially the best way to take the vibe of the brand everywhere with you. They make their wallets not just from leather, but also canvas and other skins. The idea is that these wallets are subtle, while also making people look twice. Louis Vuitton offers enough styles to encompass compact ladies leather wallets, to passport wallets, cardholders and more. 


  •     Variety of designs for all uses.
  •     A good selection of materials.
  •     The wallets are durable.


  •     Not a lot of style options.
  •     The brand rarely offers sales. 

Eg: Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Zippy Wallet

The Zippy wallet is one of the signature pieces the brand offers overall. This wallet has been redesigned and updated often and pays homage to the brands classic monogram style and neutral colourway. Louis Vuitton has always been the epitome of French glamour and this wallet encompasses this style beautifully. 


Gucci’s current offering of ‘Marmont’ wallets all feature the brand’s easily identifiable ‘GG’ logo in hardware. They are made in Italy from high quality leather that promises to soften over time. It’s made narrow so it can slip into your purse, wallet or pockets if you’re lucky enough to have them.  


  •     It’s a cute aesthetic.
  •     The wallets are versatile.
  •     The wallets are well priced.


  •     A limited number of colours and styles.
  •     Only marmont leather is now available. 

Eg: GG Marmont Wallet

Gucci’s GG Marmont wallet is one that has been talked about everywhere. It is constantly at the top of ‘must buy’ lists and when you take a close look, it’s clear why. They are stylish to begin with, the monogram is well made and subtle enough to suit almost anyone’s style. It’s also endorsed by all sorts of celebrities, who have been spotted with this wallet. Overall, it’s chic, stylish and durable.  


A more accessible luxury option, Prada is known for their Saffiano leather. This leather is more scratch resistant than other brands and has a cross hatch pattern if you look closely. All their wallets feature the Prada logo and are known for standing the test of time with lots of wallets from the 90’s still on the vintage market. 


  •     Minimal design.
  •     Wearable styles.
  •     Very affordable luxury choice.


  •     Not a lot of design choices.
  •     Looks very basic for luxury. 

Eg. The Prada Continental Wallet

Prada is a Hollywood favourite brand, and this wallet is the proof. It has a traditional, simple style and has been around forever, so it’s a perfect heirloom piece and can be seen on celebrities of all ages, showing how versatile the brand really is.