21 Best Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas 2020

What must be in the farmhouse, except for the sofa? Furniture that will make your stay even more comfortable! This small item designed for a cozy meal will also perfectly fulfill the functions of additional storage and add a stylish twist to the farmhouse coffee table.

farmhouse coffee table

A properly selected farmhouse coffee table can solve a lot of practical problems. Do you know that he can completely transform the impression of the interior? Today we will tell you how to choose the perfect farmhouse coffee table.

Top Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas

What tables are suitable for different situations and styles of the farmhouse? Which one to choose in a small room, and which one is large? How to successfully solve the problem of storage near the sofa and provide comfort to you?

farmhouse coffee table

Find out the answers to these questions in our new issue of choosing a coffee table for a farmhouse.

Wooden coffee table

The maximum storage space is at the top, while due to its low height Wooden coffee table does not seem bulky. Ideal for living rooms in light colors – natural wood brings a drop of heat to the “cold” interior.

Low Table

An excellent model in the case when next to the sofa you need to have additional storage space. Look for coffee tables that change the volume of the countertops.

Expandable Coffee Table

If your Farmhouse is small, an expandable table is an ideal find. By itself, it can contain shelves or drawers, but the main thing is an additional retractable worktop. It will help expand storage space when necessary, and just as easily fold back when you need free space.

wooden coffee table

If you have a minimum of space, and the main problem is where to store all the little things, look for such a simple model with a wooden or glass countertop.

You can put baskets on the lower shelf and use them for storage; at the top, you can place a beautiful composition. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A table with a movable shelf under the countertop. The inner element slides along the metal runners, moving as you wish. Original, convenient and visually easy.

A little table for a family of book readers. On both sides – open compartments like shelving, with convenient vertical jumpers so that books do not fall.

It is especially convenient when there are two sofas in the Farmhouse located opposite each other. You can search for a finished model or do it yourself, in this case, add wheels for ease of movement.

21 Best Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas 2020

Simple Wooden Table

The simplest, which is definitely in the assortment of any furniture store. Ideal if the rich texture of natural wood is clearly visible.

And it can also become the focal point of your interior. The main thing is to pick him a pair so that the table does not look lonely. Suitable, for example, a stool from the same tree.In the style of a chalet.

A thin wooden tabletop with a contrasting pattern goes well with chromed metal legs. It looks visually easy and spectacular.

Wheels Table

Mobility is a quality that owners of small living rooms will definitely appreciate. It is important to consider the size of the rollers: they must be large enough to compensate for the height of the countertops.

Raw Wood Table

Such a table in the style of a European country will be an excellent accent of the living room in bright colors. Complete it with contrasting decor: crystal vases, elegant candlesticks, flowers.

Narrow Coffee Table

It leaves enough space around, without interfering with comfortable movement, and its height makes it ideal for morning coffee or evening tea drinking. Beautiful and practical at the same time!

White tables

Due to the extreme brevity, they will fit into almost any modern interior. Such tables can also become an additional seat.

Marine Table

If you are lucky enough to find a low chest, and the style of the living room has not yet been chosen, think about that. to design it in a marine style.

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