7 Winter Travel Outfits for Men

When it comes to traveling during the winter, it’s nice to put some thought into your outfits. This will help ensure you’re comfortable and warm throughout your trip. Winter can be a particularly tough season to travel because the temperatures are so low and can fluctuate drastically, especially in the evenings. By prepping some winter-friendly outfits and planning lots of options, you can dress confidently when you travel. Read on to discover our favorite winter travel outfits for men.

Outfit 1: Long-Sleeve Tee, Joggers and Sneakers

One winter travel outfit to consider is a classic long-sleeve tee, joggers and sneakers. Long sleeve tees offer a good amount of coverage and warmth, but aren’t so thick that you’ll end up hot and sweaty. They’re also easy to layer with cardigans, jackets or blazers if you need additional warmth.

Wear your long-sleeve shirt with a pair of well-fitting joggers. The tapered look that joggers offer is on-trend, and they are a comfortable option you can wear all day long. Top off your outfit with a pair of sleek sneakers. Sneakers are one of the best options for travel-friendly footwear because they work well with various outfits and give you the comfort you need when walking through the airport or driving long hours in the car. 

Outfit 2: Hoodie, Joggers and Sneakers

Another warm outfit idea is a hoodie, joggers and sneakers. Grab your favorite hoodie or invest in a new one that fits you well. A roomy sweatshirt may also be a good idea for a relaxed fit you’re sure to appreciate while waiting at the airport. Men’s hoodies are great for traveling in cold weather. You can layer and adjust your outfit based on the conditions.

This is another outfit option where joggers and sneakers can complete the look. Joggers and sneakers are a great pair, offering a laid-back look and a relaxed fit while still looking put together. 

Outfit 3: T-Shirt, Jeans and Jacket

A t-shirt, jeans and a jacket are a great go-to if you’re looking to slightly elevate your casual look. It’s simple and casual, yet requires minimal effort. When it comes to your t-shirt, consider various necklines and colors. You can’t go wrong with a traditional crew neck tee or a v-neck tee if that’s more your style. Go for high-quality tees you can count on as you travel, since they should  last you a while.

You likely have a pair of jeans you love in your dresser. They fit well, they make you feel good, and you don’t mind wearing them all day. If you don’t have a pair of jeans like this, this is your sign to invest in some because they can be a staple for your travel wardrobe. A t-shirt jeans can get a little chilly in winter weather, so consider throwing on a jacket for additional warmth.

Outfit 4: Sweater, Jeans and Comfy Shoes

Another layering option for a t-shirt and jeans is wearing a sweater on top. Sweaters are always a staple when winter rolls around. They come in various materials, so you may want to look for something breathable and relatively lightweight. Cable knit, corduroy and waffle are all great choices this season.

Jeans are a piece of clothing you’ll continue to see across travel-friendly outfit ideas, including this one. Pair them with some comfy shoes. This can be sneakers or another pair of slip-on shoes. There are many slip-on shoes that offer convenience without compromising style.

Outfit 5: Turtleneck, Jeans and Puffer Jacket

Turtlenecks are another cozy winter staple you can wear on your travels. They’re also acceptable for many work environments and can be a great option if you’re traveling for your job. Consider a lightweight turtleneck suitable for layering, or choose a thicker sweater if you know you’re traveling in snowy conditions.

Jeans are a good way to keep your turtleneck look casual, and they’ll also look great with a puffer jacket. Puffer coats coordinate well with turtlenecks and will help complete your look.

Outfit 6: T-Shirt, Crew Neck Sweater and Joggers

Layers are always a good idea when it comes to travel wear. Put all your layers on before you hop in your Uber, and take some layers off when you get settled on your flight. A simple outfit option you can try this year is a t-shirt underneath a crew neck sweater. A slim fit tee is probably your best option to ensure it doesn’t bunch underneath your sweater.

Joggers are an easy match for this look. You can always wear a pair of jeans or chinos, but joggers will be super comfortable and stylish.

Outfit 7: Untucked Button-Down, Jeans and Slip-On Shoes

Lightweight and loose-fitting, button-downs go nicely in all types of weather. Their thin design is ideal under winter apparel, and they transition seamlessly from day to night. Make sure you get a well-tailored button-down shirt that you can wear untucked for a relaxed look. If the occasion allows, you can always tuck it in and add a nice belt to elevate your style.

Button-downs aren’t just for dress pants. They also go nicely with jeans when you’re deciding on a travel outfit. Consider boot-cut jeans that offset the loose shirt, and complete your outfit with slip-on shoes. There are many styles of shoes that don’t require tying and buckling, making them ideal for putting on and taking off at the airport or somewhere else along your journey.

Additional Winter Travel Tips

If you’re traveling in the winter, there’s more to consider than just your outfit. Make sure you pack a variety of pieces that will help you stay warm and look your best each day of your trip. You’ll also need to make sure you have the proper outerwear, such as gloves, hats, a winter coat and boots, especially if you’re spending time outside in the ice and snow.

Whether you’re traveling for work, a vacation or to visit family for the holidays, keep these winter outfit options in mind before you embark on your trip. Dress your best and travel safely!