Keepin’ it Classic and Keeping Up with Trends – Learn How to Accessorise with Watch Straps in 2023

2023 is the year of accessorising, so you need to learn how to make simple outfits look fabulous with just a few accessories or jewellery. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invest in considerably expensive products to look extravagant ―you only need to discover what advantages your features have and keep an eye on trends if you need inspiration. 

When it comes to accessorising with a simple watch on your hand, things seem pretty obvious. However, there are many options of watch designs, colours and materials for watch straps that go with certain outfits. 

So, here’s our short guide on accessorising with watch straps!

What watch strap materials are available?

There’s more to watch straps than it seems. Some common types of watch straps include the following:

  • Metal bracelets made of stainless steel, white gold or platinum;
  • Leather watch straps made of simple cowhide or kangaroo, or crocodile options;
  • Rubber watch straps are the most used material, and it’s sweat and water-resistant;
  • Silicone watch straps can be made of plain rubber or silicone;
  • Nylon watch straps are comfortable and durable choices;
  • Canvas watch material feels like nylon but uses natural components;

What watch strap model is best for you? 

With plenty of materials, you’ve got even more designs that put your outfit into the spotlight. For example, we’ve got the oyster model, an essential watch strap design usually made for diving and water sports. Other diving-related watch straps include the jubilee bracelets with polished centre links and the mesh-style ones that were once claimed to be “shark-proof” by professional divers. 

If you’re looking for a more casual look, you can try the canvas strap, as it’s stain and water-resistant but can be worn on almost any occasion. The polyurethane rubber-based watch strap is also a nice, comfortable choice that works with anything. If you don’t want to feel your watch on your wrist at all, look for Perlon models that are more delicate and look great with a dress watch. 

To achieve a more refined look, leather watch straps are perfect. They are graceful and come in a variety of leather-based options. There are even models of casual leather straps with unique stitching. But nothing beats the classic engineer-style bracelet that is heavy and bold and can be paired with simpler outfits. Of course, if you’re more into comfortable and funky clothes, you can try the sailcloth watch strap made out of sail-making material that is tough and dries fast. 

For people interested in racing and similar sports, the rally leather has perforation to prevent sweating. At the same time, the chunky bund straps were made to provide insulation, and they’re the coolest if accessorised with business attire. 

What’s your favourite watch strap design? 

Whether you wear watches frequently or not, it’s safe to say that watches are the perfect accessory that can bring out the best of an outfit and outline your personality. Choosing between these options may be challenging, but each type of design is made for something specific, so depending on your hobbies, you can wear something functional and good-looking.