Perfect Styling Tips For Your Bodycon Dresses

Despite having been around the fashion trends for decades, bodycon dresses still happen to remain in vogue. One thing we love about the dress (and bet everyone else loves) is the way it hgs your curves and accentuates your figure, making you look and feel confident and beautiful. 

To get that perfect look you’ve always envisioned of your bodycon dress, you would need some styling tips. This is because styling a bodycon dress requires a careful balance between revealing too much and not enough; which can sometimes be a daunting task.

Over here, we will be guiding you through the dos and don’ts of styling a bodycon dress, from choosing the right fit and shopping at the best stores (Sunset Fashion LA for sure) to accessorizing it to perfection. So whether you have your dress already and are wondering how to style it or you’re contemplating buying the dress, stay with us as we get you ready to look your best and turn heads with your stylish bodycon dress!

Why Do I Need To Style My Bodycon Dress?

Every dress has styling tips that can make or break your overall look, and bodycon dresses are no different. When styled properly, they can be flattering, but when they’re not, they can also be unforgiving and can reveal every little flaw or imperfection. Therefore, it’s important that you style them perfectly to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable while looking your best.

One of the essential factors to consider when styling a bodycon dress is the fit. You want to choose a dress that fits you like a glove, without being too tight or too loose. Another key aspect is the occasion and dress code. Depending on the event or setting, you can either dress up or dress down your gown. Accessorizing is important in styling a bodycon dress as the right accessories can elevate your outfit and make you look more put together. 

Choosing the right color and fabric is also crucial when styling a bodycon dress. Dark colors like black and navy are flattering and easy to blend while bright colors draw attention to your curves. As for fabrics, it is ideal you go for stretchy and supportive materials like spandex and elastane as they hug your curves and provide support. You can also opt for other fabrics like lace or velvet to add texture and interest to your outfit. We recommend that you shop from SunsetFashionLA, as they have a ton of bodycon dresses in good fabric quality that you can experiment with. 

How To Style A Bodycon Dress

Styling bodycon dresses for women requires that you pay close attention to details and have a keen eye for fashion. While everyone can’t do this, you can still create a flattering and versatile look that is perfect for any occasion with the tops below:

1. Consider the Occasion

The event or occasion that you’re preparing for is the first step to styling a bodycon dress. These dresses are versatile but need to be styled differently for your various occasions. For instance, a longer bodycon dress is best worn to a formal event, while a shorter dress can be worn to a casual dinner with friends. Whichever the case, always choose a dress that is appropriate for the occasion and is in tune with the dress code.

2. Choose the Right Shoes

The shoes you wear with your bodycon dress can make a big difference in how your outfit looks. High heels are popularly worn with bodycon dresses as they elongate the legs and give an overall sleek and sophisticated look. When styling your bodycons for casual settings, feel free to wear flats or sandals.

3. Add Accessories

Accessories for sure can complete the look of a bodycon dress. To add glam to the dress, pick jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. And if you want to cinch your waist, belts would really help. You can also add a scarf or a hat to tap into a bohemian vibe.

4. Choose the Right Undergarments

Bodycon dresses are designed to hug the curves of the body, hence, wearing comfortable and supportive undergarments is crucial. Always choose seamless underwear to avoid visible panty lines. Shapewear can also help smoothen out any lumps or bumps.

5. Experiment with Layers

You can layer your bodycon dresses with as many fashion pieces as you deem fit, but, be careful not to overdo the look. You can wear a denim or leather jacket over your bodycon dress for a more casual look. Or, a blazer or a cardigan for a more professional look. 


By following these styling tips, your fashion game can go up a notch in no time. If you’re looking to shop for high-quality and affordable bodycon dresses, SunsetFashionLA is a great place to start. They’ve got a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and you’re sure to find the perfect dress that fits your personal style. Their commitment to quality and affordability makes shopping at Sunset Fashion LA a smart choice for fashion-forward women. Whether it’s a formal bodycon dress or a casual one you’re looking to find, head on to SunsetFashionLA, and make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.