Development of web and mobile projects with SECL

Features of software development with SECL

Today it is impossible to imagine a successful business that does not have a website or mobile application. Having a presence on the Internet helps not only increase the number of customers and creates a brand. SECL is a company that develops websites and mobile products, and experts will help you create high-quality software to help your business move to a whole new level.

Stages of creating software

The creation of any software is a rather complicated process, which is carried out in several stages.

Market analysis

Many underestimate this stage, which is why we see many similar and unsuccessful sites and mobile applications on the market. First, you must study competitors’ work, understand their services, and how you can surprise potential customers. Understanding your competitors’ flaws and how you can prevent this in your product is also necessary.

The better you can analyze the market, the better. It would be best to prepare because this can take time and effort. If you wish, you can turn to independent companies to do this work.

Consultation and creation of an application for developers

Before contacting SECL, you should already have a rough idea of ​​what result you want. So, when communicating with programmers, you should know in advance what functions the product should perform and what you need to pay attention to. It will be good if you have already developed a company logo and selected corporate colors.

In the first stage, prepare for the fact that experts will ask you many questions to understand better how the finished product should look in your mind. The first consultation can take quite a long time.

Design development and specification creation

A specification is a document that contains all the information about your product. It usually takes quite a lot of time to create this, as specialists have to think carefully about what tools they will use for project development and testing, how long it will take to work, and how much it will cost.

Also, at this stage, a conditional design of the future website or mobile application is created. It is advisable to involve a UX / UI designer who will help create a beautiful and user-friendly interface that users will like. Often, specialists try to provide the client with several options.

The finished design and specifications are provided to the customer for approval. At this stage, you can comment if you do not like something or want to change or add something. At this stage, it will be easy to make changes.

It is worth saying that after you approve the specification and design, you will know precisely when you will receive the finished product and how much it will cost. SECL employs professionals who never

Software Development

The better the specification is developed, the faster and easier it is for specialists to work. The choice of tools, frameworks, and libraries depends entirely on the features of your product.

It is worth saying that in parallel with software development, testing takes place. It helps to identify the slightest errors in the initial stages.

If you wish, you can request a progress report at certain stages of development. It will allow you to ensure that the work will be delivered on time.


When specialists create software, they disassemble it into specific modules, each of which is responsible for certain functions. The tester checks the work of each module individually immediately after they are written.

After all the modules are ready, programmers combine them into one. Usually, at this stage, many errors can occur since the modules may be incompatible with each other for some reason. That is why before the release of the finished product, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive testing, which will check the following:

  • Functionality;
  • Productivity;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Interface quality and many other characteristics.

It is crucial that both automated and manual testing be used at the same time, as this will reveal as many errors as possible. Of course, the cost of such testing is relatively high, but you can be sure that you will get a quality product that will be convenient and useful for users.

After the specialists perform the necessary tests, they will provide a report to the developer, and they must make changes to fix the errors. After that, you need to retest to ensure that the corrections were made correctly and did not lead to new mistakes.

Product Release

After the software development and testing, SECL specialists will provide a full report on their work and the finished product. After that, you can launch an active advertising campaign and get ready to release the product to the market.

Benefits of cooperation with SECL

SECL is a large international company with extensive experience. It was founded in 2005 and has several offices in Canada, the USA, and Ukraine. During its work, it has implemented hundreds of large and small projects and has expanded the list of services provided to the maximum.

Among the main advantages are:

  • Large staff;
  • Low prices;
  • High quality of provided services;
  • Orientation to the client;
  • A large number of finished projects.

Suppose you want to get a high-quality website or mobile application. In that case, you need to cooperate with professionals who know their job well and can quickly and efficiently handle complex tasks.

During its existence, SECL has worked with companies from various industries, so it understands the specifics of working with them well. Here you can honestly say what result you want to get and what you need to pay attention to in the first place.