The Main Trends of Fall 2022

Boutiques have massively replaced collections with fall collections – and who was ready for that? We urgently need to learn how to navigate the new maze of trends so we can assemble our perfect seasonal capsule and not splurge on unnecessary purchases, having spare money for Traveling or playing at 22Bet Ethiopia. Here are the most fashionable trends this fall!


Don’t make fun of the trends, they’ll come back! And here we repent – no matter how many times we scolded tight boots, they are again at the peak of popularity. And exactly as in the 2000s, high and tight. Combination of boots with jeans at low waist may rest peacefully in anti-trends, but for the rest – freedom of action!


If in autumn, you just get in the mood to throw a hood on your head, mysteriously hide your face in the shade and mystically walk your dog in the yard in the pre-dawn hours – this is your trend. And no kidding, balaclavas and hoodies got a second chance, and we’re going to take advantage of it.

Coloured Tights

The rule that flesh-colored tights is a fashionable veneer, all are already learned by heart. But then what to wear if black is boring? Of course, the colored ones! Such models are perfectly combined with both dark and light shoes, and also allow you to wear summer dresses and skirts in the cold season. But the most fashionable solution for Fall 2022 is colored tights and a pair in tone.

School Uniforms

If punk and grunge are for you a relic of your rebellious past and a bygone phase, then the preppy style trend will not disappoint. Objectively speaking, designers do not offer anything new: pleated skirts, vests, socks, stockings, loafers… But it always looks cool!


Thinking of putting away your mesh clothes until next summer? Do not hurry to say goodbye to them – in the fall they will be at the peak of trends. If in the warm season, we wore dresses and tops from large netting with crop tops and short shorts, in the fall, they can be combined with long sleeves or put on as a tunic. Fine mesh, by the way, is also suitable – dresses with trendy cuts got a “winter” version thanks to this material, which covers the naked body.


This fall the fashion time machine isn’t going to stop at one historical period. Besides nostalgia for the past, designers offer a glimpse into the future. Futuristic details appeared in the collections of even the most conservative fashion houses. It remains only to choose what you prefer – a suit of neoprene, narrow plastic glasses or gloves in the spirit of astronauts.

Asymmetric Skirts

One of the main trends of autumn 2022 is the style of preppy punk, combining conservative silhouettes and daring details. And the key element of such images was the asymmetric skirt. It’s not just a midi skirt with an unusual neckline – don’t be afraid of layering several pieces of fabric at once. Ideally this model should be pleated (a reference to the school uniform) and deconstructed, but versions made of leather with an unusual style will also do.

Wide Sneakers

Extremely wide pants were the continuation of the cargo trend. Yes, you can’t show a bare stomach in sub-zero temperatures, but you shouldn’t refuse to wear bottoms in oversize style. Combine these with a tight top to keep the balance – suit bodysuits and close-fitting shirts, as well as tailored jackets. And do not be afraid to experiment with materials – denim and synthetic fabrics with shimmering will be a great solution.