Winter Fashion Must-Haves for Men: Jewelry Edition

Jewelry is one of the best accessories to enhance men’s wardrobes. Wearing the right pieces can transform a plain outfit into one that reflects your unique style from head to toe. From simple options to more dramatic ones, there are a myriad of men’s jewelry pieces, whether you’re sporting a sweater, a suit, or something in between.

Preparing for Winter Fashion

The best way to start preparing for a changeover to winter fashion is to evaluate what you already have and eliminate the excess. Get rid of clothing you no longer wear, items that are stained and damaged beyond repair, and pieces that don’t fit. This will give you a base to start with, especially so that, while getting ready for the day, you don’t have to sift through numerous items that aren’t even contenders for what to wear.


Don’t forget to go through your jewelry and part with what you don’t want. For instance, if there are watches you don’t like and won’t wear, consider selling them so you can start shopping for men’s gold watches you’ll actually want to model on a regular basis. You could pass down jewelry you no longer want, donate it, or sell it and make a little money to put toward new pieces.


You’ll also want to pull out jewelry that needs repairing or resizing and take it to a jeweler. Getting the pieces back in wearable condition will add to your wardrobe, giving you additional jewelry to wear throughout the winter.


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What’s Trending This Season?

Single dangling earrings, chains in necklace and bracelet form, gemstones, and signet rings are some of the trending men’s jewelry items of the season. Gold, stainless-steel, and platinum watches are still classic pieces that will never go out of style.


This winter, men’s jewelry leans toward drama. In some cases, the trends dive full force away from the subtle. Think bold, vibrant, and attention-grabbing men’s gold rings rather than a thin, simple gold band.


Choosing the Right Accessories

One thing to know about men’s jewelry is that you should wear what makes you feel most confident. This applies to whether you want to sport a classic platinum watch, a dangling pearl earring, men’s gold bracelets, a silver Cuban link necklace, or a huge diamond-encrusted signet ring.


Jewelry is one of the most personalized accessories you can wear in winter and throughout any time of the year. Buy pieces that are versatile to sport with many pieces you have and that truly reflect your style. However, to round out their wardrobe, men should always have at least one or two jewelry items — like a gorgeous gold watch — that they wear for special occasions.


Diverse Wristwear

Owning a varied selection of wristwear lets you have access to pieces you can wear with practically any clothing you wear. Chances are that even the high-powered CEOs who rock expensive gold watches with the suits they wear to the office put on lounge pants, jeans, or sweatpants at some point.

Classic Watches

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Don’t underestimate the power of a stylish, classic watch. There are various options you could consider, such as one for casual attire, one that’s work-appropriate, and another for special occasions. Consider them investment pieces that enhance your wardrobe and are perfect to pass down to the next generation.

Flashy Bracelets

“Flashy” can be subjective. For instance, men who typically wear thin, plain gold bracelets might consider a diamond-encrusted gold bracelet flashy, just as a man who normally prefers leather bracelets might find a chain bracelet too showy.


However, for the sake of this article, let’s consider “flashy” as a way to step out of your comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with trying a style you typically wouldn’t model. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to do this with a nonrefundable purchase. If you buy what you consider a flashy bracelet and it’s not for you, you should have the option to exchange it for something else.


Classic Chains

Getting the right classic chain that matches your style is investing in a piece you can wear every day if you so choose whether you’re sporting a T-shirt and jeans or a suit. There are many options, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Browse through the possibilities until you find the one that works best for you and that you would love to wear on a regular basis.


Unique Rings

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There’s nothing wrong with a plain classic ring, but if you’re looking to sport the hottest current trending men’s jewelry, you’ll have to lean toward the unique and/or dramatic. As previously stated, signet rings are in, as are dramatic rings, and depending on your preferences, you could combine the two into a single unique piece that reflects your style.


Cufflinks for Special Occasions

Every man, even someone who doesn’t typically dress up and/or attend formal events, should have cufflinks that he could wear should the need arise. If you don’t yet have a pair for yourself, but you want them, consider putting them on your wish list for one of the multiple winter holidays where gift-giving is expected.


Stock Up on Men’s Jewelry Today

Don’t wait for an invitation to a formal winter event to buy the pieces that are missing from your collection. Start browsing today, so you have time to find items you truly love and desire to own.