7 Fall Color Clothing Combinations for Men

As fall quickly approaches, it’s time to begin stocking your closet with this season’s top fashion picks. The crisp autumn air, pumpkin spice lattes and spooky season are here, along with the must-have autumnal color palettes. From neutral earth tones to rustic hues, this fall season is all about rugged colors, solid patterns and textured textiles. Check out some of the top color palettes your closet must have this fall.

  1. Earthy Neutrals

As the warmer temperatures fade and cooler air prevails, you’ll need garments that are a bit warmer than those summer T-shirts. Layering is the best for fall weather, which can fluctuate from sunrise to sunset each day. As you take off for work in the early morning hours, think about layering men’s sweaters over those button-downs and T-shirts. Load your wardrobe with cardigans and pullovers in neutral colors that can be easily mixed and matched all season long. Earthy neutrals such as olive, charcoal, brown, brick and tan are versatile and look good with all complexions. Sweaters wear well with slacks or jeans as well as most color palettes and patterns.

  1. Dark Green and Khaki

While earthy greens such as olive will be popular this season, darker tones are making a comeback, too. At the top of the list on the dark color palette is dark green. This color has historically paired well with khaki, and it’s an even more popular pairing this fall. The contrasting dark green tone against the softer khaki creates a perfect combination. Think dark-green button-downs for work and date nights or a dark-green sweater or tee with a pair of medium-wash men’s jeans.

  1. Burgundy and Tan

In keeping with the dark color palette that’s trending this fall, burgundy is back to stay. While burgundy has been in and out of fashion for years, it seems it’s back for another round. Like dark green, this color pairs well with lighter neutral tones. Whether you’re wearing burgundy on the top or the bottom, both of which can look great, be sure its counterpart is an earthier tone such as tan. Another great look that’s coming back is the loafer look. Consider pairing your burgundy and tan garb with a classic pair of men’s loafers, and you’ll look both smart and stylish this fall.

  1. Blacks and Grays

While blacks and grays never go out of style, they’ll be particularly prevalent this fall. What’s more, these are considered neutral tones that go well with many other shades. For instance, black pants or shirts, no matter the style, go with denim, khaki and most colors of the rainbow. Likewise, depending on the undertones of your gray garment, warm or cool, it can be very versatile. This season, you’ll see a lot of earth tones paired with gray. Think gray with olive, khaki or burgundy for the win.

The black and gray color combination will serve you well in work settings, casual events and even dressy affairs. Whether donning a casual two-tone look such as a gray Henley shirt with black jeans or a monochromatic suit in black-on-black or gray-on-gray to a fall wedding, you’ll look and feel great in these classic colors.

  1. Charcoal and Brown

This surprising duo is a lot like when black and brown, once a taboo pairing, hit men’s fashion. This fall, you’ll see charcoal styled with browns; the dark pastel tone of charcoal looks quite smart with the varied shades of the brown family. It’s a new take on pastels with khaki, which is more of a spring vibe. The darker, more autumnal pairing of charcoal and brown is a great look for work, recreation and beyond.

  1. Denim and Mustard

The perfect color palette for all your fall activities, denim and mustard will look great when you want to add a pop of color to your outfit. Fall festivals, pumpkin picking and day drinking at the local brewery are all perfect settings for this hot duo. When the summer heat fades into your memories and the cool fall weather arrives, it’s time to hop back into your favorite pair of men’s jeans. From medium wash to dark and black to gray, mustard looks great with most denim washes. Another great spin to this look is to pair mustard pants with a denim jacket or chambray button-down. While the color combination is the same, wearing the denim on top gives a cool vibe.

  1. Brilliant Colors

Brilliant colors should be on your fashion radar for a bit of a diversion from the earthy tones that you’ll see so much of this fall. Bright blue will be a big color this fall. Bright blue shirts, athleisure wear and sports shirts are just the ticket for a splash of color, while brilliant floral patterns and plaids with pops of red, yellow and green are fun, too. While this fall will be a lot about subdued, tonal fashion, the brilliant colors and patterns will find their niche, too.

Look and Feel Your Best This Fall

No matter what your style is, there are plenty of dapper color palettes to choose from this fall. Pack your closet with versatile garments in colors and textures that can be easily mixed and matched. Layering is always a great option for finicky fall weather, and neutrals are perfect in terms of versatility. Denim, earth tones, sweaters and loafers should be staples in your fall wardrobe this year. Sprinkle in a few pieces that brighten things up in terms of color, and you’ll be ready for any occasion.