5 Best Fabrics to Wear in the Summer

When deciding what to wear this summer, yo’ll want a fun look that won’t make you feel like your clothing is literally sticking to your skin when you’re trying to have fun in the sun. You know that you want to wear breathable fabrics to keep you cool, including your undergarments, because no one wants their bras and panties weighing them down. But how about denim shorts? Denim is heavy, but shorts aren’t long. Cashmere is known for being a fall and winter staple, but can you wear it during the summer? Read on to find out the best five fabrics to wear this summer, and what NOT to wear.

Best Fabrics to Wear This Summer

1. Breathable Undergarments — Before you start thinking about what to wear to the beach or your next summer evening dinner date, start with the basics. You’ll want breathable undergarments through the whole summer season. That includes a bralette, ideal for lighter support without constricting underwire. If your chest is on the smaller side, you may want to wear more bralettes in general since they provide you with light support and can even be worn as a top on their own.

2. Cotton Anything — Cotton is THE must-have fabric for summer. There’s a reason why this fabric is so popular. It’s comfortable. It’s breathable. Its very look and texture are so versatile. You can easily dress up a cotton shirt with a blazer and layered jewelry the same way you can wear it to the gym with sneakers. If you love the style and feel of cotton, don’t forget to get some cotton panties to wear this summer.

3. Beachy Linen — For that summer beach look, wear linen. The natural fiber of linen with its loose weaves will keep you cool on a hot summer day. Linen can also absorb moisture when you’re sweating. If you live in or plan on going on vacation to a humid climate, get a couple of pairs of linen shirts, pants and dresses. Linen is even more durable than cotton and can soften over time.

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4. Luxurious Silk — This luxurious fabric is cool to the touch. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a cloud when a silk dress glides over your skin. Ever sleep on silk bed sheets? Silk bed sheets are so popular because they regulate body temperature and keep you cool. Air flows through easily with this breathable fabric. The only things to keep in mind with silk are that you’ll see sweat stains on your silk clothing and the sun rays will fade any of your silk outfits. Many silk pieces can be hand-washed and most are just dry clean only, so don’t put them in your washer and dryer at home.

5. Cool Cashmere — When you picture cashmere anything, you’re probably picturing an itchy cashmere sweater you had to wear for the winter holidays. Cashmere sweaters will itch when made from lower-quality cashmere, but there are plenty of affordable and comfortable high-quality cashmere pieces you can wear during the summer. Yes, cashmere during the summer. That’s because this woven fabric regulates your body temperature. Air passes through and your cashmere top will wick away moisture. The natural antibacterial properties of cashmere make this fabric odor-resistant as well.

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What NOT to Wear This Summer

1. Nylon — Nylon has an interesting history as, according to Good On You, it was the first-ever fabric made entirely in a laboratory. Its creation represented the new age of synthetic fabrics. However, synthetic fabrics are the complete opposite of breathable fabrics. While silk stockings used to reign supreme, nylon stockings soon replaced silk and became the industry standard. Stay away from this stretchy fabric this summer. While you may be tempted to wear some stretchy leggings on a cooler summer day, nylon will stick to you like glue and won’t give your skin the proper breathing room it needs when it’s humid outside.

2. Denim Jeans — Don’t be fooled by the fact that your jeans are made from cotton. The denim material for your jeans is thicker and heavier than your light cotton tee. Since your jeans won’t stretch, you’ll feel trapped in the fabric. If you want the denim look without the hot and heavy denim feel, opt for chambray this summer. If you still want to wear denim, wear jean shorts but don’t wear full-length jeans. Definitely stay away from constricting skinny jeans this summer.

3. Rayon — You’ll see rayon show up mainly in your athletic wear. You’ll also see rayon in your dresses and blouses — even some of your outerwear jackets. The most common type of rayon is viscose rayon. The semi-synthetic fabric is usually made with chemically treated wood pulp. The reason you don’t want to wear rayon anything during the summer is that this fabric repels water, which means you’ll be damp on a hot and sweaty summer day. If you do want to wear rayon, go for a linen-rayon blend.