Gift Ideas for Future Mothers

MD Which gifts will expectant mums appreciate most? A baby needs so many things, and a mother will want to provide the best. But should it be something practical, fun, or upmarket? And don’t forget to make a fuss of mum! 

Give It Some Thought

Those tiny garments are so cute, but go easy on baby clothes for newborns. Babies grow out of them quickly, so they won’t get much use. The second-size will get more wear. If the expected arrival is a ‘he’, baby boy clothes offer so much choice in colour, style and logo. The same applies to girls. 

Making Life Easy for Mothers 

Stretch suits are practical, keeping out draughts, while providing an easy opening for tears-free nappy changes. Some have integral mittens to stop babies chewing their hands. Like other baby clothes, they are usually made from material that’s easy to wash and dry. They get plenty of wear, so even if it’s a second child, they’ll still be a welcome gift. Mothers will always want items unique to the new sibling, anyway. 

A Matter of Taste

At first, the baby will be dressed according to the taste of the mother. Parents have a limited time to impose their will! So bear this in mind – it shouldn’t necessarily be what you’d prefer, either. Do some research into current trends and crazes, and you’ll please everyone. 

Educate Through Play

Playthings are also important. Even the very first toys have educational value, helping to develop skills such as coordination. So hanging mobiles, easy-to-grip soft toys and anything musical will be welcome. Mothers may also like something to put away, and board books are ideal for the next stage. Parents are always keen to help their offspring develop, so will welcome any help. 

Look After Mum!

It’s also important to consider the mother-to-be. Some women sail through pregnancy, but even they need to be assured that they are still important. Others may feel unwell or just unattractive (they aren’t, or course). So pamper them with a luxury gift or a treat – cosmetics or perfume are good examples. 

Indulge Her

An aromatherapy box set or a voucher for a spa day will make her feel like a million dollars. Of course, all future mothers are worth a million dollars, anyway! A bouquet of flowers, whether in the hands of a friend, or as a doorstep delivery, will lift her spirits. She may be watching weight gain, but a box of luxury chocolates can’t fail to tempt. The main thing is to focus on them, not just the baby. 

Continue the Indulgence

Life will be very different after the arrival of the little one. So some pampering in advance should give them a positive start. Keeping this up will help to ease the stress of the first few months, too. Consideration at this stage is very helpful. 

Have Fun Choosing

Of course, buying a gift for a future mother is always enjoyable. After all, the giver is choosing for two. It can be fun, whether browsing online, or wandering round a shop. Baby boy clothes, for example, are no longer limited to blue, or girls to pink. Remember that at this stage, you are buying for the mother, too!