Strategies to Help Weak Students

A class consists of every type of students where a topper, mediocre and weak students are always found in the class. Among all these students the most neglected and left are weak ones because even the teachers don’t want to give them time and think that only those students should be given time and effort who have zeal and who score good grades in the class. Usually from the term “weak students” the image which forms in anybody’s mind is those students who cannot score good marks or who usually don’t get involved in class activities or if they participated, they get failed or score poor marks. But how many of us intellectual people think about the reason behind these conditions? These weak students eat the same, taught by the same tutors and in the same school as the topper of the school, then why such a huge difference? Instead of asking and searching for answers to these essential questions, usually people, teachers and even parents also become judgemental and make a decision that such students are notorious and mischievous. Without searching the root cause no one can find the solutions to the weakness of the children and students. 

This term “weak student” has become a blot on the student’s mind and consciousness. That is why to support the learning process and give boost to their learning LMS portals have been created so that through these LMS portals students can access to knowledge and course material easily without being hesitated and asking those who term them as weak students always. If the students are complaining that he or she is not able to learn in the class then parents should listen to them instead of labelling them as weak. They can provide the child any education app & can make him or her learn properly from that education app. So, let’s discuss some solutions to help weak students in studies and learning.

Possible solutions to help weak students:

  •  It is very essential to dig out the reasons and causes why the child is not concentrating in the learning and studies and not performing well. Teachers or parents cannot be judgemental in this matter and cannot give the term “weak” to the student just by seeing the child not paying attention to the studies. Students and children never like to talk about their problems, sometimes due to hesitation and sometimes they don’t trust people, so you can just make a guess that it can be a physical or psychological issue so, again it is necessary to somehow make students talk about the reason.
  • Students should not be treated as beggars if they are not performing well and should be shown pity all the time instead teachers and parents should use a fair form of emotion that is called sympathy. Such students face insulting behaviours from any people including their teachers, peers and classmates and lose confidence. Hence, teachers should try to create a sympathetic environment around them.
  • Sometimes students are going through some physical and mental disorders but they are not able to recognize it just like others and assume themselves useless and good for nothing. Such as students suffering from autism (a psychological disorder due to which student escapes to mingle with people socially) and dyslexia (a psychological disorder in which students can’t see words on black board clearly instead it looks jumbled words to him) so such students should be provided with some quizzes and activities related to mental exercise which can boost up their morale and psychological abilities.
  • “An apple a Day keeps doctors away”- a healthy diet and healthy daily routine also plays a good role in improving the abilities of weak students. If they become physically strong then they will grow psychologically also. Hence physical activities like yoga, aerobics and meditation should be made a part of their daily routine which can support their mental and psychological status.
  • Students can have various issues for their bad performance that doesn’t mean they are weak. Sometimes they are emotionally disturbed due to any unwanted situation or incident but being introvert unable to share and this volcano of emotional distress erupts as poor performance academically, hence, it is necessary to notice their sudden silence, irritation and decreasing performance and teachers and parents must talk to the child and find out the reason if it is related to emotional distress or not and console the kid that everything will be fine.