The Ultimate Graduation Guide for Parents

One day your little one was finger painting in preschool and, the next, they were off to college or finally getting their college degree. They grow up so fast, and now you’re getting ready to show up at their graduation. From picking out cute clothes to wear to their graduation ceremony to deciding where you want to host their graduation party, we’ve put together the ultimate graduation guide for parents.

  • What to Wear for Graduation — Graduation isn’t only about celebrating your child’s achievements. You’ve definitely played an important role in guiding them and supporting them to get to this point, so dress the part by treating yourself to new special occasion clothing. From showing up to their graduation ceremony to hosting their party, you’ll want to be one of the best-dressed guests there. Depending on the weather, you can wear a dress or a lightweight suit. Sleeveless dresses are usually too casual, but you can layer them with an open cardigan or with a scarf over your dress.
  • Tips for Putting Together a Graduation Party — Trying to find a venue for your child’s graduation party? The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a place, time, and date for the party. Decide on your budget for the venue, including food, drinks, and any entertainment. Once you’ve booked the venue and decided on the date, send out save-the-dates to everyone on the list. Hosting a graduation party at a venue can take off the stress of having to get your home ready for a party, so it’s time to celebrate, dress up, and find a cute skirt for the special occasion.

  • Tips if You’re Hosting a Graduation Party at Home — Hosting a graduation party at home can be stressful since you’ll need to be a more hands-on host, but you’ll also be able to save some costs by hosting at home instead of having to pay for an additional venue. To look like the hostess with the most-ess, wear trendy dresses that will help you beam with pride as the excited Mom of the Graduate. You’ll want enough cutlery and silverware for the guests. Get graduation decor like signs and balloons. You can get help from friends and family to take on different responsibilities like deciding who will look after guests and who will help out with food.
  • High School Graduation Tips — In addition to attending your high schooler’s graduation, there are some other graduation to-dos you’ll want to cover with your child. Go to college fairs and college brochures with them. Ask if they need your help deciding on a major or program. Decide on whether they’ll be attending an in-state or out-of-state university. Be upfront with them about student loans and what you can afford as a family. Alternatively, look into vocational schools with them and community colleges as options.
  • What Happens After High School Graduation — After high school graduation, your former high schooler may want to spend time with their high school friends as they start to go their separate ways. That may mean they’re going to a graduation party or on a special trip with their friends. Establish some ground rules with your child, so everyone is on the same page. According to Indeed, one of the most important pieces of advice a graduating high school student should keep in mind is to update their resume. If your child doesn’t already have a resume, it’s time for them to start putting together their resume with information, including their education, awards, or skills. Were they members of any clubs, or did they play any sports? If they worked any job while they were in high school or did any volunteer work, they should put that on their resume as well.
  • College Graduation Tips — Unlike high school graduation, college graduations tend to be a bit more overwhelming just because of the sheer size of college graduation ceremonies. It might be on the college campus itself or at a different location, depending on how large the graduating class is. You might not see your child again until after the commencement is over. Decide on a meeting point after the graduation ceremony ends.

  •  What Happens After College Graduation — College graduation can look quite different from high school graduation. While your child needed more supervision when they were still a teenager, just out of high school, your college graduate is officially a young adult. They might even want to take the lead on hosting a special graduation dinner or party for their friends and family. Still, just because they’re an adult now doesn’t mean that they don’t still want or need your support. Ask them how you can be of any help, and let them know that you’re still here to support them as they start this next chapter in their life.

Buckle up, Mom and Dad. It’s going to be a wild ride. Chances are your son or daughter is just as excited and nervous as you are for them. One chapter of their life is coming to a close while they’re beginning a new phase of their life. It might mean moving away from home for the first time or getting their first big job outside of school. Enjoy every moment and every memory, and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures. They’ll thank you for it later. Happy Graduation!