Top 10 Stylish Summer Shorts You NEED

Shorts are an essential piece of clothing if you’re going to spend your summer holiday on the beach. But when it comes to swim shorts, the options are unlimited. With so many models, lengths, colours, and models to choose from, this at-first simple act of buying swimwear can rapidly turn into a daunting task you only want to escape from.

Take a deep breath: this doesn’t have to be a burden. Designer shorts, for example, are the perfect blend of classic and out-of-the-box, and before rushing to conclude they’re all expensive, learn that there are models that can be affordable, too.

Here are just some of our favourites:

Setter Bandana

These Setter Bandana shorts are all you need if you’re a retro enthusiast. What’s distinctive about these shorts is the shorter-length fit and vintage features, which can transport you to the 1980s on a French Riviera beach. Besides, you can choose from various colours, from classical navy blue (with a signature OB tape stripe that gives them an athleisure style) and serenity blue to bold Vermillion. You can buy your favourite model or more for each of your beachy moods.


The Dane shorts are longer than the Standard and Bulldog models. This is a viable alternative to conventional baggy board shorts and is the preferred option of many men. This is due not only to their versatility and water-resistant drawstring bag but also to the diversity of colours: navy blue, shadow, white, Riviera II, and signal blue are just a few of the available variants.


Springer, the shortest style of swim shorts, is made for the more adventurous ones. However, everyone can wear this model – it looks especially great when combined with a bright white shirt for casual wear or with some cool goggles if you want to be a fashionable swimmer.

Mastiff Stripe

Mastiff Stripe could be just the best men’s designer shorts for anyone looking for something different. These are bold, unexpected, and non-conventional. And the best part? They’re equipped with the same features that make OB shorts unique: adjustable side fasteners, nickel-effect concealed snap closure, and a signature Bulldog fit.

Standard Vermillion

These mid-length shorts are a bold choice, so if you want to stand out in the crowd this summer, feel free to choose them. The Solo Fantasy print in warm Vermillion will turn heads. Still, these shorts are far more than just amazingly coloured. They also boast a small coin pocket, external drawcord, and half-elasticated waistband, which makes them the best of both worlds: comfortable and eccentric.

Bulldog Live and Let Die

When it comes to the Bulldog style, the options are unlimited. One of the newest models is Live and Let Die, which sends to the famous chase scene initially seen on lobby cards in America. Bond using a Glastron GT150 speedboat to elude his chasers is the star of these shorts’ print. The artwork is unique, and so will your presence on the beach in such a pair of shorts.

Other popular Bulldog models include:

Bulldog Anemone

Playful and colourful, these mid-length shorts boast a vibrant floral print and are perfect for anyone looking to breathe new life into their swimwear drawer.

Be ready to travel to tropical realms with these Anemone swim shorts.

Bulldog X

These swim shorts in dark sapphire are a unique piece in the wardrobe of any beach lover. The elegant jacquard pattern, along with the classical navy blue, make for the leading reasons men choose this particular short.

Bulldog Drawcord

Unlike the previously mentioned models, these Night Iris Bulldog shorts have no pattern or bright colour. So, what makes them so popular among men? Their elegance and versatility. The clean, contemporary style perfectly combines with the tubular drawcord to deliver the best to customers.

Bulldog Dr. No

Are you a James Bond fan? Well, these Bulldog shorts are for you. They feature one of the most famous images of the 1960s cinema, which promoted the first Bond film – Dr. No.

These models of shorts are tailored to perfection and suitable for every man in search of quality and comfort.