St Barts for First-Timers: Best Time to Visit

The Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit is whenever you stay in the villas in St Barts. Luxury private villas will make your experience better than anything you could imagine. No hassle with the hotel checkin or other guests next door and best of all no sharing your private pool. These villas are meant to pamper and spoil the guests with incredible views, grand bedrooms and beautiful modern decoration. Not to mention anything you could want can be requested from the villa manager. Need to hire a car for the week, a private chef for the evening or any sort of reservation, they will take care of it for you.

Now that you have a fabulous place to stay, the question is when are you coming? 

The annual hurricane season is best to be avoided for a pleasant time. The best time to visit St. Barts is during the winter, which is the dry season on the island. December to May has the perfect temperatures around twenty one to twenty four celcius. There is always a cool breeze coming from the ocean if anything gets too hot.

Winter is also the high season when many tourists arrive for their holiday. The island is geared towards tourism with more than thirty percent of the local islanders working in the tourism sector. 

Spring can also be one of the best times to visit St. Barts, but you have to time it right. You can experience the same beautiful weather and fun activities while avoiding the crowds. This off peak season has the same perks as coming during winter as well as interesting local festivals and holiday celebrations.

The Worst Time To Visit.

These Islands are known for their annual hurricane season (June-November) which can quickly bring heavy rain, strong winds, very hot temps and fog to the island. It’s best not to plan your trip during late summer or early autumn in the northern hemisphere. During this time there is a high probability of hurricane activity. Many beaches and activities are closed during this time.

The weather can be unpredictable and there are fewer things to do however that means fewer tourists. A remote getaway with the island all to yourself also does not sound bad. There are still beautiful days with perfect weather, but it can be unpredictable. 

Visit During Spring 

Those that get to experience this beautiful island during the spring time will have the best time. High tourist season is coming to a close and prices are dropping but the weather is still wonderful as the hurricane season has not yet arrived. Visitors can join in celebrations of heritage festivals during this time. There isn’t much rain and the temperatures are cooler than during summer and autumn. The ocean and the beach are at their best during this time with warm water and perfect sand temps. 

This is when St. Barths ramps up its activities. The biggest cultural festivals happen during this season. The St. Barths Bucket Regatta or the West Indies Regatta bring large white sails to the horizon as the harbour is filled with boats. The St. Bart Film Festival is also on, and people come from all over to attend. 

Visit During Summer

June to August is summer in Saint Barts. It is the beginning of hurricane season. Think hot weather and lots of rain and wind. Temperatures can climb to the high thirties and the sun can be intense on the hot days. June has over thirteen hours of daylight. The winds on the islands can pick up drastically. June and July are the windiest months of the year.

It is, however, the low season for other travellers. That means quiet restaurants with a relaxing vibe across the whole island. The beaches and bars that stay open are empty and prices are drastically reduced. Consider coming for the Gustavia Day or the Bastille Day celebrations for some real Saint Barts culture.

Visit During Autumn

Weather is highly unpredictable, especially during September and October. This is the heart of hurricane season. One day can be beautiful, clear skies and you can enjoy the warm, tropical weather. Then the next day can be heavy rains and high winds. September has the highest chance of hurricanes, and half of the days in October are wet. It is the wettest month of the year.

During this time many locals leave the island and take a holiday elsewhere. This results in many businesses being closed. If you are considering coming during this time you will find a quiet island. If you are determined to visit during hurricane season come in late October and November as the weather begins to clear up and the low season comes to a close.

Visit During Winter 

December to February are considered the best time of year to visit. The island hosts perfect weather for escaping the winter cold of the north. Tourist activity increases magnificently during mid-December. A wintertime getaway to St. Barths is ideal because of the warm tropical weather. Spend a few days hanging on the beach, walk around the town and enjoy the nightlife. There are many other attractions on the island to check out as well. There is always a high demand for travel during the winter and as a result, villas, and even island tours get quickly booked. Be sure to book your reservations at the popular restaurants, it is recommended to book in advance to ensure availability.