2022 Trend Tips

Let’s see a couple of essential styles for this year and some unusual matches made in heaven.

Girlfriend Collective creates leggings and sports bras made from plastic bottles. You can of course wear these well-tailored sets to play sports or do yoga. Or you can make the conscious choice to add a blazer and leather pumps to your combo for the casual style. If you choose other brands, focus on avoiding patterns, keep your set simple, modern yet classy.

Another essential you must have is the oversized boyfriend shirt made of 100% cotton. The off-shoulder style creates an effortless look while the precise details of the shirt make your outfit classy. If you want to make it extra feminine, choose one with a tie or add one of your belts. But if you are happy with the minimalistic approach, just let it flow, and match it with chino pants, straight cut jeans, or basic trapeze pants if you want to make a truly up-to-date appearance.

The popularity of sets involves sweatsuits too. Choose solid colors with no pattern. Combine them with basic white sneakers or platform Converse. If you want to make it a bit more classy for a friendly brunch, or running some errands, add a wool robe coat and a leather tote. 

Another trending matching set is pantsuits and they will  knock out any office politics. Hit the thrift shops to find your new wardrobe staple. If you are into crafts like sewing, don’t be shy to check out the men’s wear section as well. If you find your favorite color, material, or pattern, create your crop blazer or enjoy the comfort of the oversized grandpa’ style.

Platform shoes and trapeze pants are at the height of their popularity. Invest in a high-quality leather pair and look for beige jeans to extend the collection of your favorite essentials.

Add a pop to the minimal wardrobe with some bold combination of multiple gold necklaces. Use the long and short contrast with no charm. Or if you are really brave, opt for the statement chain necklaces paired with hoop earrings.

There’s nothing more comfortable than the all-natural chiffon silk on a hot summer day. Invest in some high-quality strap top that you can combine with these bad girls, to take the edge off. These wrinkled, flowing, transparent fabrics are going to be the big hit of 2022 summer.

Straight button-up leather jackets or the long version with a tie will be your favorite item during spring and autumn. If you are into vegan fashion, the faux-leather options are extremely trending too. Don’t be shy to choose colors too. Green, blue, red, and maroon leather jackets are going to create the most unique outfit. Don’t push it too far though. If you wear one bold item, choose the rest of your outfit from the minimalist section of your wardrobe.

Neutrals are still trending. Combine dark biker shorts with a beige blazer, boyfriend shirt, and a quality leather statement shoulder bag. Add a branded belt to your oversized thrifted blazers to class them up.

Minimalist linen pieces will make you grateful all summer. Though they tend to wrinkle at every move, if you are not headed to an important meeting, they are worth the struggle. They are soft and extremely moisture absorbent.

Every girl needs a romantic piece in their wardrobe. Choose a cotton ruffle dress with a modern twist and enjoy the summer breeze on an evening walk. But whatever your mood is, glow with joy through the summer of 2022.