Stranger Things is Coming to an End

Stranger Things’ first three seasons have featured a total of 25 episodes, and the upcoming fourth season furthers the story of Eleven and her friends to its upcoming closure.

Netflix conveyed an honest letter from the Duffer Brothers documenting segments from Stranger Things’ fourth season, which they described as “the end of Stranger Things,” revealing that the show’s fifth season is its last.

The Duffer Brothers also revealed that Stranger Things 4 would be set in the fall of 1985 instead of summer, unlike previous seasons. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for our heroes, said Ross and Matt Duffer. 

They also added exciting details to their statements: We always knew we wanted this series to be an epic journey, but we only had so much room in our story. So we began thinking about how to make it more — you know, three seasons was initially our idea of how this could be best told, but then we also thought about how we could keep it going past that. And if we ever have enough ideas to make something cool, then we’ll move forward with it.

Furthermore, they said, something long-buried is about to come to the surface, something that connects everything. It’s going to be the biggest and scariest season yet, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. In the meantime — pray for the American.

Stranger Things Four is Split into Two Parts

The announcement also revealed that Stranger Things 4 would be split into two parts, each of nine episodes. Four of the final episodes will be directed by the Duffer Brothers.

The production for Stranger Things 4 has officially begun — and we are even more thrilled about Hopper’s return, the Duffer Brothers announced. 

Despite the good news for our hero, Hopper is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wastelands of Kamchatka, where he is facing both human and non-human dangers. 

In the United States, a new horror is surfacing, and Hopper and Eleven’s relationship becomes tenser.

Season 5 is the Last for Netflix’s Sci-Fi Phenomenon

Stranger Things, a science fiction horror series that quickly became a pop culture obsession when it debuted on Netflix, is coming to an end. The streaming company confirmed Thursday that it plans to wrap up the show with a fifth and final season.

“After a long hiatus,” the show’s creators wrote, “a tiny miracle appeared on our computer screens. We were making a show we knew no one would watch — at least not initially.”

The show’s first season became a mystery box of ’80s nostalgia and a supernatural thriller pieced together with a cast of largely unknown actors.

One of Netflix’s Most Important Franchise is coming to an End

“Stranger Things” is one of Netflix’s most important franchises and played a massive part in making Netflix the top streaming service. But, it’s more than just a show; it became an iconic cultural phenomenon for many paving the way for off-screen profits in the form of video games, theme parks, fast food, and merchandise. 

The show told the harrowing story of Midwestern kids who deal with monsters from a parallel universe. 

But it quickly gained an intensely devoted following

According to Netflix, 40 million households had binge-watched the third season or parts of it in just the first four days of its release on the platform. Nielsen’s rating estimates show that 18 million people watched the July 4 premiere in the first three days after it came out, garnering more than 17 million tweets about the season during its opening weekend.

With Netflix trying to make more of its series and films into franchises as it tries to compete with rivals such as Disney+, the loss of “Stranger Things” hits hard. Many of Netflix’s competitors feature numerous familiar plotlines/business ideas to get more subscribers to sign up.

Although losing “Stranger Things” is no small thing for Netflix, the adventures into the upside-down are unlikely to end ultimately, according to its creators. “There are many more exciting stories still to come in the world of Stranger Things; new mysteries, new adventures, and new, unexpected heroes,” the Duffer brothers said. As we wrap up this story, we hope you will stay with us.”


Netflix confirmed the upcoming “Stranger Things” season would be the last for this fantastic series, and honestly, we’re not ready to say goodbye. 

The show became a phenomenon for its creativity and chemistry that brought together an excellent cast. As the show is coming to an end, Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike, and all other characters found their way into our hearts, and we will miss their presence dearly. 

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