No girl likes to repeat the same old blouse designs over and over again. With a multitude of weddings and events happening all year round, repetition can feel rather boring. In 2022, with the fast cycle of fashion, blouse designs are changing day by day. Just a few years ago, blouse sleeve designs consisted of just two things, going sleeveless or with an elbow length sleeve. That’s it! But today, the best blouse sleeve design ideas are more than ever!

We know that blouses can make or break a look while wearing a saree or lehenga. There are various designs that can suit a particular outfit for an event. However, we must not forget that there are multiple factors that go into creating the perfect blouse. Nowadays, you need to keep in mind the neckline, the sleeves, the back, the fabric and so many more such things. When there are so many factors that go into making the perfect blouse, ideation can become a little overwhelming. Lucky for you, Styl Inc has the perfect team of expert wedding stylists who will help you in saying yes to the dress. 

To assist you in making a part of the decision for your blouse, we have a list of the best blouse sleeve design ideas. These blouse sleeve design ideas are the perfect mix of trendy and classy designs that will match all your outfits for any event. 


Keyhole Sleeve Design

One of the IT blouse sleeve trends this season is the keyhole sleeve design. The simple yet chic style is ideal for an event where you need to be formal but can have a little fun. The keyhole is a rather common pattern that is often used in blouse necklines. We suggest this fun little number for your not so traditional sarees. Don’t go for a heavy silk fabric for this either or the design can look a little mismatched. We suggest wearing it with a quintessentially Bollywood chiffon or georgette saree. 

Source: Wilson baker, Tikli

Classic Blouse Sleeve Design

The classic elbow length blouse sleeve design is one that never goes out of style. No matter the event or the neckline, this sleeve suits every blouse and every saree possible. This simple blouse, in our humble opinion, can make you shine like a diamond. Probably more so than a blouse with a complicated design. You can pair this best blouse sleeve design with a traditional silk saree for the ultimate classic look. But we think that this can go with anything and everything.

Source: Amyrah, Karishma Kapoor

Sheer Sleeve Design

Internationally, sheer fabrics like organza and tulle have been one of the biggest trends for the last couple of years. So it makes sense that this idea from international runways makes its way into the Indian market. For ethnic wear, sheer fabrics have been a big hit with blouse sleeve designs. You see the most glorious poofy sheer sleeves in blouses nowadays. This youthful trendy design is perfect for more modern iterations of sarees. One of our favourites is pairing this design with a floral printed saree for the ideal summer fit. 

If you are a young girl on the hunt for a fun blouse sleeve design for your farewell, we suggest this one. As a bridesmaid too, you can pull this one off with a flowy, easy to move in lehenga. This statement blouse does not need a lot more than just itself to be a show stopper of a look. 

Source: Kiara Advani, Shivani Raina

Puffy Sleeve Design

This is another one of the trends we have been seeing a lot of internationally. With the mass appeal of a show like Bridgerton, European historical references took over fashion. One of the hottest takes of that was the puffy sleeve. In a multitude of iterations ranging from the leg of mutton to the bishop to the feminine and cute half sleeve puff, this trend has made its way into the Indian market. In the Indian ethnic fashion scene, you will see a plethora of puffy blouse sleeve design ideas. This design is suitable for both formal and informal events. Depending on the kind of puff and fabric you opt for, it can also go with different kinds of sarees and lehengas.

Source: Shobita Dhulipala, WeRIndia

The Classic Full Sleeved Blouse Design

Another classic in the mix for you, the full sleeved blouse design never goes out of fashion. This is the most formal blouse sleeve design out of all the options included here. We suggest going for this design if you want a particularly regal look. Remember that it can age you quite a bit, so pair it with a deep neckline to add more youth. For us, the simpler a long sleeve blouse the better it is. A v-neckline or a sweetheart is the ideal fit for this. They maintain the regality of the sleeves while adding a level of youthfulness. To have a younger looking blouse in this design, we suggest going for a piece of simple solid silk fabric, if you have a heavy lehenga or saree. On the contrary, the easiest way to look younger in this is to have a fully embroidered blouse with the simplest saree you can find.

Source: Aza Fashions, Madhulika Kapilavayi

Ruffle Sleeves

Ruffles add the cutest youth and innocence to any look. This blouse sleeve is perfect for young girls and women for events where they need to wear Indian ethnic outfits. Not only are ruffle sleeves fun to look at, but they are also easy to move and dance in. They stay out of the way and just make you look pretty. If the full dramatic ruffle sleeve is not your vibe you can find minimal ways to incorporate it into your blouse sleeve design. Just ask your tailor to add a small ruffle to the end of your blouse sleeve for that feminine touch. 

Source: Meher Aala, Tifli

We hope that this article helped you get some inspiration for your blouse sleeve design. For any assistance regarding wedding or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

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