How to Be Stylish: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to clothes, we first buy what we like, and then begin to puzzle what to wear it with and how to combine clothes correctly? To avoid such a conundrum and make everything as easy as betting via 22Bet, listen to the advice of a professional stylist.

Almost everyone faces a similar situation: there are a lot of clothes in the closet, and they don’t match. There are many reasons for this: starting with incorrect placement of accents and ending with irrational use of resources for the selection and purchase of clothing and shoes. How do you learn how to dress fashionably and match your clothes? It’s not a tricky science, but many people don’t consider it necessary to master it. This leads to things in the closet hanging dead weight and not worn for seasons.

Let’s figure out what rules you should learn to create the optimal filling of your closet and assemble stylish images, saving money and nerves. 

Present a Complete Image

What is considered the most important in the question of how to properly combine clothes? One of the most important problems in the formation of harmonious images is the incongruity of things with each other. This occurs from the fact that in the store we choose things, keeping in mind the thought: “I’ll match something to it later”. No, you won’t. With a probability of 90% this thing will remain a dead weight in your closet, simply because it doesn’t go with anything.

In our closets, a lot of clothes don’t fit together. Matching clothes that have been in your closet for years doesn’t create a stylish look. You see that the sweater you bought once doesn’t fit any skirts or pants, and the color of the new sundress does not suit you at all. How to combine clothes to create a whole harmonious image?

The solution: start thinking in terms of complete images. Before you buy anything, ask yourself what you’re going to wear with it. If three or four combinations come to mind, then you can buy. Remember to clearly imagine before buying, how you’ll combine the clothes in color, it’s also a significant factor.

Pay Attention to the Stores Where You Dress

There is a basic rule: the stores where you buy clothes should be appropriate for your age and social status. How do you learn to dress fashionably and match your clothes properly? For example, stop picturing yourself as a young girl who fits short tops and miniskirts. For example, when you are 20, it’s quite acceptable to wear inexpensive clothes of a simple cut, not being ashamed of the budget items. But after 35, you should pay attention to higher-quality items, expensive fabrics and complicated cuts.

This unspoken rule will allow you to look dignified and spectacular at absolutely any age. How to combine clothes in style? Learn how to pick up things in style and color, then people around you will not say that you have no taste.

The next time you go shopping, pay attention to the people in the store: whether they correspond to your status and age. Note for yourself which of the clothing items in that store were successful and of high quality. This will allow you to answer the question of how to combine clothes in style, if there is any doubt that this or that thing is needed in the closet. As practice shows, you need to choose jeans from one brand, and articles of knitwear look for another, and so on. This significantly saves time and protects from ill-considered and useless purchases.