10 Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Super Shiny and Healthy

A beautiful hair healthy and bright, it is the object of all lusts. To get it, you do not need to invest in overpriced treatments that ruin you more than they sublimate your hair. Instead, pick out the daily beauty gestures of those with hair to make the Little Mermaid pale.

Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Super Shiny and Healthy
  • Massage the scalp daily:
The massage of the scalp promotes the growth of the hair. Simply put your hands on your head and create circular movements that will come off the skin of the skull, which will stimulate the microcirculation. The ideal would be to massage the scalp in the shower but nothing prevents you from performing the head massage directly on dry hair at night watching your favorite series! We advise you to massage every day for 2 months, between 1 to 2 minutes each time. You will soon see changes appear!
  • Fill up on vitamins:
Vitamins are crucial to giving hair a boost. Not sure to miss vitamins? Take the test! Look at your skin and nails: if your nails are rough, if your skin is dry, there is a good chance your hair needs help too. Fill up on vitamins, amino acids and minerals, and in a few months, you’ll have shinier, stronger, thicker hair.
  • Avoid heat:
It is essential to take care of its lengths if you want to accelerate the growth of our hair and avoid cutting damaged spikes every two months. Hairdryer, blower brush … now avoid these bad habits! All these electrical appliances that give off heat and weaken the hair fiber are to restrict in your daily life, especially if you do not use thermal protection.
Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Super Shiny and Healthy
  • Stop stains and discolorations:
Coloring and bleaching hair makes your hair too thin, brittle, split and fragile. They can even break from the root. So we avoid maximum colorations. In case you can not do without, prefer the plant colorings and space the colorings in time.
  • Do not use silicone-based hair products:
The harmful effects of silicone are not negligible. Silicones are chemicals that are very present in hair products, especially in hair conditioners, to make hair soft and silky. However, the silicones used regularly smother the hair by superimposing films overuses, clog the pores of the skull and prevent their hydration. It is found mainly in after-shampoos. It is essential to avoid them, or even ban them completely from your hair routine. Before buying your care, check that there is no silicone in the composition of your product.
Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Super Shiny and Healthy
  • Brush your hair gently:
Brushing your hair frequently and suddenly can make your hair more fragile and thinner. Start by brushing the tips to remove the knots, and go back slowly to the skull. It is also advisable to use a boar bristle brush, which allows you to release the sebum and distribute it on your hair, which makes them more shiny and soft.

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