Luscious locks are no longer the domain of the follicley fortunate – hair extension technology has made such advances in recent years, with prices falling and quality rising. Lack of technical knowledge though can still lead you down the wrong path when looking to source a good extensions provider, so we have produced this simple guide outlining how hair extensions can go wrong, so that you can focus on getting it right.   visit here

Your first port of call when researching bonded hair extensions should always be an experienced and professionally trained hairdresser who specialises in extensions – often referred to now as an ‘extensionist’, this individual will give you impartial, top notch advice. VISIT HERE 

However, forewarned is forearmed, and the more you inform yourself before your appointment, the more you likely you are to make a final decision that Is going to work for both you, and your hairdresser.

Hair loss

There is a definite difference between expected, natural hair loss over the 12 week period that your hair extensions are supposed to last. But if you find that you are pulling out great big lumps of hair, or that strands are shredding onto your shoulders when you aren’t even brushing it through, then something is not right. It has not been fitted properly, and is probably going to do serious harm to your scalp if not rectified immediately.

Headache and itching

It can take several hours to have your extensions fitted. That is a long time during which your natural hair is tugged and tightened, pulled and glued. If this is your first time getting extensions, then it may take a while to get used to them. The pressure placed on the tension between the scalp and the extension can cause headaches and itching. Give yourself time to become accustomed to having hair extensions. Good training will help you hairdresser reduce the amount of discomfort involved  in installing the tresses, minmising the pressure it puts on you. You can work together to ensure that the experience is as good as the results.


Using quality bonded hair extensions with a properly training extensionist will minimise the overall risk of the hair becoming a tangled mess over a period of time, even if you have been maintaining it properly. 

It may all sound a bit grim, but actually, when done well, bonded hair extensions can look absolutely stunning, and last for up to 12 weeks without compromising on the quality of the finish. So let’s finish here on a high note and outline how they are going to make you feel fantastic.

Self Esteem Boosting

  • They add instant length. Sometimes hair just grows to a finite length and won’t go any further. Extensions will give you that immediate growth spurt, fulfilling often long held dreams of waist length tresses.
  • If your hair has thinned out as you’ve gotten older, or you have gone through hormonal changes that have caused your normal hair to thin out and become brittle, professionally installed hair extensions can help you to add volume, rebuild confidence and boost self-esteem.
  • Your hairdresser can get creative and add colour and texture, creating a look that is unique to you. So if you feel the desire to do something different and radical go ahead – don’t forget, its only ‘permanent’ for a few weeks. Then you can have another complete change.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, hair extensions are relatively low maintenance. Your hairdresser will advice you as to how to best maintain them according to the brand of hair extension you use.

And our final piece of advice – do not compromise on the quality. Cheap hair will look cheap and will be a false economy. Hold out for the best and enjoy every last strand.