How to Apply Perfect Makeup

Everyone who loves makeup goes with celebrities, influencers, and makeup artists on social media for inspiration. However, the same make can have different effects according to the person. The main goal of good makeup is to value the strengths and correct the imperfections, respecting the unique traits of each one.

How to Apply Perfect Makeup

Before assembling your makeup kit you need to know the shape of your face and know exactly your type and skin tone. Getting your product right is the first step in ensuring the perfect finish for your production.

How to Apply Perfect Makeup

Remember that the imported products are amazing, but there are many things that do not adapt to the climate of your area. Gelatinous textured items, such as lipstick and blush, melt a lot.


The golden trick is to assemble a suitable makeup brushes kit. Between the traditional models and the brush, choose the one that fits you best, respecting the directions of use of each one.


Who says perfect coverage can’t be light? The trend in catwalks points to a natural make and products of finer texture are the most indicated. You can’t miss a good moisturizer, a BB Cream or CC Cream and a concealer – which can be up to two shades lighter than your base.

Both BB Cream and concealer should be applied with gentle movements, giving light strokes on the brush. This helps in fixing the products and provides uniform coverage. If makeup needs to last all day, finish the skin with a matte textured powder.

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Contour and lighting

The darling makeup duo when it comes to highlighting strengths and hiding imperfections is in all the make-up tutorials available on the internet.


The concept is simple: apply a lighter powder or foundation to areas you want to value and darker tones where you want to mask or “shrink”. For example, applying a powder lighter than your skin above the jaw, between the chin and the tip of the ear gives a finer effect to the face.

For the contour, no blush. It is best to bet on a tanning powder, as it provides a natural shading to the skin and makes the makeup more discreet


How to apply perfect eye makeup

A striking look is not synonymous with charged makeup. The tip is to combine light and dark shadows.

Not to be mistaken, the trick is to use the lightest shadow on the inner corner of the eye and darker on the outside, illuminating well below the eyebrow, where it is curved.



Your makeup bag needs some wild cards: nude and pink tones for natural and healthy-looking makeup. If you already have wrinkles around your lips, bet on darker shades that help to mask imperfections.

To ensure a good fixation, be sure to invest in a good pencil. It defines the region better and can be used to enlarge or shrink the lips.



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Following these tips is no mistake: you will rock. Whether at work, at the club or on a walk with friends.

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