How To Wear Orange- 7 Pairing Options For Orange Dresses

Orange is a warm color and just like every other warmer hue including red and yellow, it is best suited for the autumn season. Though the orange color is most associated with autumn’s color palettes, it can be worn in other seasons if styled accordingly.

The most common options you can wear with orange are neutral and complimentary tones including purple, blue, camel, tan, chocolate, mustard green, military green, and sometimes black. You need to know what colors go well with them because the orange, if not paired properly can look like you’re dressed for Halloween. In this post, we’d be sharing tips on how to wear orange dresses. Continue reading if you want to discover these fabulous colors.

How To Wear Orange Dresses – The Best Pairing Options

Orange can be very tricky to wear because at first, it would seem like you can pair it with just about any color. But as you start exploring your options, you’d find out that you have just a few outfits and accessories that will awesomely blend with the tone. Here are some tips on what to wear in orange to easily pull off the color.

Orange and Black

The vibrant and positive orange color can be paired with the silhouetty black. Though it may feel like pairing the two colors would get you looking like a Halloween queen (And many wouldn’t want that), you can change this narrative by nailing the orange-black pair with the right elements.

Bright orange goes best with black, however, it’s the trickiest. To leave you with no regrets about trying out the look, add tropical prints or any pattern that feels a bit different from the colors. Choosing fashionable pieces can set in a different kind of vibe to the Halloween feel. 

When you want to wear orange formally, combining orange with black can help lighten the dark tone of black, while holding on to its strict appeal. A well-structured orange and black look with a splash of eye-catching accessories will dispel the weight of your black clothes and accessories.

Orange And Blue

All shades of blue can go with orange. Light blue looks cute to wear on a playdate, royal blue for the fashion-friendly street style icon, metallic blue is something the trendy and elegant fashionista can easily key into, and dark blue tones for the bold fashion expert who likes looking everything about and between daring.

A baby blue jacket over a bright orange dress will certainly look fantastic. Also, they form the simple and “safe” styling layers for your orange dresses. In a bright orange dress, you’ll always look stylishly perfect with a royal blue blazer or jacket, you’ll have a vibrant street style statement. Royal blue can look too much if paired with burnt orange but if you like to look bubbly, you can try the look.

Other deep dark blue shades such as sapphire, indigo, ink, navy, and denim, also look expressive with orange.

Orange And Green

The ideal summer pair for your orange clothes is green and not only does it blend seamlessly with the season, but it is also the most natural look since both colors represent nature. A good example of the most natural to wear your orange dresses is with forest green. The color combo represents the lush vegetation and fresh fruits of mother nature.

Dark green tints like emerald or jade pair beautifully with tan or burnt orange. A floral print dress with green and orange detailing will look gorgeous for your beach days and holidays in summer. You can also pair a tangerine dress with knee-length boots in vivid and deep jade. A spaghetti-strap silk pastel orange dress will look particularly appealing when paired with mustard green heels.

Orange And Burgundy

Burgundy is another stylish color that goes well with orange. The pair is suitable for fall and winter clothes and appears quite classy when dressed up expertly. To make your orange dress the main focus of clothing, consider going for lighter shades of the orange dress since burgundy is already too captivating. With the right accessories, you can create balance in your stunning attire, even with style and a dynamic look in mind.

Orange And Chocolate

Want to look optimistic and bright yet elegant and modern at work? Go for a below-the-knee-length bandage dress. Layer it with chocolate-colored blazers to exude a dashing and relaxed look. Step into black ankle strap heels and carry a cute black clutch bag to look sleek and fashionable. You could also try on an orange blazer dress with a chocolate hat to slay the boss vibes even better.

Orange And Khaki Or Cloud

Blazers are always worth the investment. Wearing a burnt orange blazer over a khaki dress is a fun way to wear the color. You can also switch the look with an orange blazer dress and khaki Ankle boots. Cloud is the easiest color to wear with orange and it also represents summer vividly. No matter where you’re headed, you’d look absolutely great in this white shade paired with sunset orange.

Orange And Pink

Corals and sunset orange with pink in similar brightness and saturation make the perfect color scheme. Bright orange also works well when worn with pink shades like crimson, magenta, neon, and blush. Flamingo, powdered, mother-of-pearl, and dusty pink are best paired with delicate orange shades. A two-piece orange dress in orange color paired with a pink plush bucket hat will surprisingly make for the perfect athleisure look. 


Though warm tones like tans and browns are the best pairing options for orange, neutral tones can also be functional. Some of these color combos are questionable by fashion experts, but if you choose the proper tones that best fit your skin color, you would look most appealing and exciting in your clothing.